Market Report for Sydney 40


On a small selection of best style wools and mainly good topmaking, tender and high mid-break types, the market was cheaper again for all descriptions. As usual, the better style, sound and low mid-break wools were least affected, but everything was generally cheaper. Skirtings also drifted lower except open tops which were very solid (small selection).

FLEECE - VM1.4% max

15.5u spinners – (no selection)
best style – very firm (small selection)
best/good style – very firm (small selection)
poor types – irregular
16.0u spinners – (no selection)
best style – firm (small selection)
best/good style – firm(small selection)
poor types – irregular (small selection)
16.5u spinners – (no selection)
best style – unchanged (small selection)
best/good style – 15ac cheaper (small selection)
poor types – 15ac cheaper (very small selection)
17.0u spinners – (no selection)
best style – (no selection)
best/good style – 10ac cheaper (small selection)
poor types – 10ac cheaper
17.5u spinners – (no selection)
best style – (no selection)
best/good – 10ac cheaper
poor types – 10ac cheaper
18.0u spinner & best types – (no selection)
best/good types – 20ac cheaper
poor types – 20ac cheaper

18.5u best types – (no selection)
best/good types – 15ac cheaper
poor types – 15ac cheaper
19.0u best/good types – 50ac cheaper (small selection)
poor types – 20 ac dearer
19.5u best/good types – 40ac cheaper (small selection)
poor types – 15ac dearer
20.0/20.5u 20ac cheaper (20.5u - 1215ac)
21.0/21.5u 20ac cheaper (21.5u - 1195ac)
22.0u and broader 15ac cheaper (very small selection)
COMP China / Euro Topmakers / India / Italy


Best Length/
Low VM types
16.0u/16.5u – 5ac cheaper (on small selection)
17.0u/18.0u – 25ac cheaper (on small selection)
18.5u/20.0u – 25ac cheaper (on small selection)
Low VM poor types 16.5u and finer – 25ac cheaper
17.0/17.5u – 25ac cheaper
18.5/20.0u – 25ac cheaper
High VM types 17.0u and finer – 5ac cheaper
17.0/17.5u – 10ac cheaper
18.0/20.0u – 10ac cheaper
Prems/lambs 16.5 / 17.0u – firm (on a small selection)
17.5 / 18.5u – firm (on a small selection)
19.0 / 20.0u – firm (on a small selection)
*Prices for these types very irregular. NM/CM lots approx. 20ac premium
COMP China / Euro topmakers / Italy