Mohair in South Africa

Vitale Barberis Canonico (VBC) has been a buyer of the highest quality mohair in the South African market for many years. Working with our representative in the South African market, and alongside VBC, a meticulous procurement system has been developed which endeavours to select and purchase only the very best mohair produced in The Cape. VBC are renowned for their wool/mohair fabrics which find their way into the collections of the biggest brands in the fashion industry and are now one to the largest manufacturers of wool/mohair fabrics for the men’s suiting market.

Particular care is taken to select raw mohair for a number of characteristics other than those that can be objectively measured. In fact, in South Africa, most of the valuation process of mohair involves physical inspection and estimation of parameters of fineness, yield, length and strength. The experience of the buyer is paramount in assuring that mohair purchased will withstand the rigorous and exacting requirements of the processing and finished performance of the fabrics.

Only mohair with superior length, strength, lustre and staple formation is chosen for VBC fabrics. Communication with the top mohair producers is also an important part of the service provided by New England Wool SA. This includes passing on feedback to suppliers of mohair clips and also advising of improvements or trends that can help them produce mohair with the quality end user in mind.

New England Wool SA has a reputation for paying some of the highest prices at auction and privately to support the best mohair and the best mohair producers. VBC understands that premium mohair fibre is a rare commodity and that producers of such wonderful raw material should be rewarded.