Market Report for Melbourne M12


On an good selection of mainly lower types , with a very limited selection of better types, lots with good AM’s and low mid breaks in 18.5 and finer continued to be firm. Some selected lots in 18.5 where 20c dearer (Schneider and Fox). 20.0-21.5 where 10c cheaper. Lots with Long Staple measurements and/or high mid breaks continued to sell at a large discount.
All Skirtings where generally unchanged.
Open tops where unchanged


15.5u Spinners - no selection
best style – no selection
best/good style – no selection
poor types – no selection
16.0u Spinners/best – no selection
best style – firm
best/good - firm
Poor types - irregular
16.5u spinner – no selection
best – firm
best/good – firm
poor types - irregular
17.0u spinner – no selection
best – firm
best/good – firm
poorer types - irregular
17.5u spinner - no selection
best - unch
best/good - unch
poorer types - irregular
18.0u spinner/best style – no selection
best/good types – unch
good types – unch
poorer types- unch
18.5u best types – firm
best/good types – 20ac dearer
good types – firm
poor types - firm
19.0u best/good types – firm
poor types – firm
19.5u best/good types – unch
poor types – unch
20.5u and broader 10ac cheaper
COMP Fox, Schneider, Modiano, Techwool, TNU and QC.